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NLP Sports Diploma Certification

"Three years ago I was playing in the Bury F.C youth team in the English 4th tier of football league, in 2008 I scored for Fenerbache against Chelsea in the champions League, and started for Turkey against Portugal in the European cup, as a youth team player at Bury F.C Jimmy Petruzzi provided me with the physical and psychological platform, to play at the highest level on the world stage, I owe much credit to Jim."

Colin Kazeem Richards, Turkey & Fenerbache F.C

This course involves a mixture of home study and 2 days of seminars. The 2 days of seminars will cover the following areas:

Introduction to NLP
Discover how the mind processes information.
The guiding principles of NLP.
NLP applications to Sport.
Learn how to set a positive outcome.
Discover how to form goals to make them consistently achievable.
Dealing with limiting beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and emotions to enable you to achieve your goals.
Building Relationships with Sports Performers
Learn how to read people.
Become skilled at establishing rapport to gain immediate trust and influence with clients, team-mates and coaches.
Learn how to give effective feedback.
Thinking Styles
Discover how we create our unique models of the world.
Learn how to establish a sports performer's thinking style and how to use it to enhance performance.
Learn how we structure our experience and how we can change the structure for a more positive outcome.
Mental Rehearsal
Learn how to use mental rehearsal effectively to enhance sports performance.
Learn how to tailor mental rehearsal to the thinking style of the individual sports performer.
Learn how to improve the imagination to enhance performance.
Controlling Emotions
Learn how to tap into positive emotions.
Discover how to eradicate fears.
Learn how to let go of negative emotions.
Master the ability to access the 'Zone' consistently.

"If it's possible for one person to achieve something it's possible for another, it's just a matter of how."

International Association of NLP Certified (IANLPC)

Your IANLPC Certificate really counts - it is the world-wide stamp of approval that you have gone through the correct channels to study NLP and that you have been trained to the highest possible outcome.

Course Testimonials

"Petruzzi, an Australian, is one of the best qualified coaches of his kind in the world. He has worked with several top teams including West Ham and Crystal Palace and his advanced training methods look like paying dividends on the pitch.

The lads have taken to him and shown belief in his methods but his work is structured and a long-term thing."

Chris Casper
Former Manager
Bury FC

"Hi Sara, I could go on forever thanking you, and all your comments meant the world to me, and i will live my dreams and set the world on fire, thanks to you, i have a life to look forward too now, as i once i felt dead, but now i am alive again, and very exited about it. Once again, thank you, and i mean this with all my heart, See you soon, and i look forward to the next course, Robert"


"I found the course very informative. It's an absolute must if your looking to gain that edge, that just might make the difference."

Dr. Tony Strudwick
Sports Scientist
Manchester United

"Jimmy Petruzzi demonstrated Excellent manner, managed dynamics of group well, Presented material with clarity. Excellent."


" Jimmy Petruzzi training was Superb, very friendly, knowledgably and approachabableā€

"Jimmy was an important part of turning around our season and his scientific approach to things like Psychology has been a revelation to us."

Ross Johnson
former Bury F.C Director