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NLP Is The Way To...

  • Make The Most Of Your Life
  • Gain Confidence
  • Achieve Wealth
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Smoking NOW
  • Alleviate Emotional Issues
  • Shed Limiting Beliefs
  • & Relieve Stress

Whether its in Sport, Business or your Personal Life

Let Us Help You Change Your Life Today...

We take the mind set principles of World Class Athletes & apply them to everday situations. They use the edge NLP gives them to go that step further & make the best of themselves. So what is NLP and what can it do for you in your business and personal life?

What Is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of how the human mind works and how excellence is achieved. What is the billionaire or the Olympic athlete doing that is different to other people? The skills they use can be applied in all our lives to get the best out of us. We can do anything and be what we want if we open ourselves up to it.

What Can It Do For You

NLP is a great way to rid ourselves of the things in our lives that hold us back: Our limiting beliefs & bad habits. Once those are gone we are FREE to live our lives. Get the best out of yourself! Start today - Give Us A Call

NLP In Business

NLP is a great way to improve the performance of your business. Any business is all about the people in it. We’ll give your people the edge they need to be successful by working towards the goals specific to your company. Find out more here.

Where We Come In

We run NLP & Hypnotherapy Courses to help you achieve your goals. We help everyone from business to individuals, there isn't a problem we won't tackle. Take the first step, Call Us Today.

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Jimmy at the BBC

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  1. BBC GMR - Helping Margaret
  2. BBC Radio 5 - Inteview
  3. City Talk FM - Extract from shows

You can currently hear Jimmy in action on City Talk FM - 105.9

'Going for Gold'

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Going for Gold by Jimmy Petruzzi

Sara on the Radio

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Jimmy Petruzzi

Jim's special passion is to make the world a better place to live by helping people discover & develop their own unique qualities and talents.

His intention is to take the principles of personal responsibility and individual self-help to the widest public through this website and an ever increasing range of motivational services and courses.

Jimmy is also a No.1 Best-Selling NLP Author

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“I found the course very informative. It’s an absolute must if you’re looking to gain that edge, that just might make the difference.”

Dr. Tony Strudwick
Sports Scientist
Manchester United

“An Excellent 3 Days, beneficial for anyone in any role, thank you.”

Steve Cannon
First Line Digital

"I started training with Jimmy & Sara at 62 years of age, working them has truly transformed my life. I lost 3 stone got into my best shape ever, & over came a phobia of swimming i had since i was 8 years old"

Margaret S as per BBC Radio programme

"Hi Sara, I could go on forever thanking you, and all your comments meant the world to me, and i will live my dreams and set the world on fire, thanks to you, i have a life to look forward too now, as i once i felt dead, but now i am alive again, and very exited about it. Once again, thank you, and i mean this with all my heart, See you soon, and i look forward to the next course, Robert"


"thank you to Jimmy Petruzzi and Sara Lou-Ann Jones for and extremely valuable 3 days, the techniques you taught me will become a valuable asset in my business"


"Jimmy Petruzzi made exercises' look easy, lots of laughs and fun, allowed us to try practical stuff, fun and flexible allowing questions, new ideas, thoughts about techniques used"


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"Excel at Sports"

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